Obstetric Fees:

Initial appointment - $250

Antenatal appointment - $95

Pregnancy Management Fee - $2,400

The PMF is charged once the pregnancy has reached 28 weeks. This fee covers the obstetrician being available 24/7 to provide on-call care throughout the pregnancy, for labour and delivery, and during the postnatal period.  This fee is separate from other charges, including consultations and the delivery fee (which is paid by your private health fund).   

Postnatal appointment - $100

Medicare and Private Health Care

It is recommended that you confirm with your private health fund that you are covered for private obstetrics, to ensure you will be able to claim the cost of your  delivery and hospital stay.  All consultations are classed as outpatient services and can be claimed through Medicare for a partial refund.

Gynaecology Fees:

Initial appointment (45 mins) - $200

Follow-up appointment (30 mins) - $100

Additional fees may be charged for in-room procedures such as Mirena insertion, colposcopy etc. A Medicare rebate applies for all consultations and procedures, meaning a portion of the fee is refunded for Medicare card holders.